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Bubbles Blog—Lines from the Lake

August 2, 2022

Happy August!  What a beautiful month.  August is the last flicker of sun and heat before Fall arrives. 

Summer may be fading but we have enjoyed seeing so many of you this summer with your families and friends in the store!  Without fail when our friends come in, they mention how lovely the store smells. 

By the way here is a science lesson for you today…Did you know Fish smell?  Well, we certainly do!

So why does the store smell so good?  No Linda doesn’t make us fresh-made cookies in the back.  Sad deal.

We have so many great scent givers in the store!

Goat Soap from SW Missouri

Inis Products from Ireland

Finchberry Soap from Northern Florida

And my new favorite Scent Chips

Proudly Handcrafted in San Antonio, Texas, Scentchips have been handmade since 1979. The scent chip team takes great pride in crafting beautiful aromas that stand apart from the average melt. Scentchips are made using the finest ingredients and a carefully crafted soy wax blend. It’s like they are

making the world smell better… one chip at a time.

I love this family’s story which began modestly in a small garage. They truly are the best fragrances on the market. 

How much fun is the scent chip table at the store?  It’s so much fun to create a scent with all the wax melts.  If you recall in my first blog where I created my own scent “BUBBLES” (Bonus if you read this far.) Drop my “recipe” for Bubbles in the comments on the FB post where Jenn links this one and maybe I’ll take a cue from Linda and put you in a drawing for something fun!

The girls were a little jealous that I made my own blend, so I let them come up with some of their own…For the first time ever here are their recipes.


  • Jasmine
  • Lily
  • Rain
  • Pacific


  • Coconut
  • Pacific
  • Driftwood
  • Leather


  • Cherry
  • Blackberry
  • Melon
  • Strawberry


  • Pie Crust
  • Blackberry
  • Vanilla
  • Orange


  • Cherry
  • Driftwood
  • Rustic Cabin
  • Wood Bouquet

Impressive Ladies!  What scent would you create? 

The girls will be happy to assist! 

I’m going to go cool off for a bit in Lake Taneycomo. Until next time my Fabulous Fish Friends.



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Beat the heat at our Branson store

Hello to my Fintastic Crystal Fish Friends! It’s Bubbles and hey let’s talk about this heat.

It is so flippin’ hot in Branson right now….BUT it is nice and cool in the lake and in the store.

So here is my FSA (Fish Service Announcement)

  • COOL OFF–Come to The Crystal Fish and enjoy their COLD A/C sit and stay a bit—the girls and I love to visit with you.
  • STAY HYDRATED–The girls here are super sweet and have plenty of ice cold water for you to enjoy while shopping.
  • ENJOY COLD TREATS—The Crystal Fish has Ice Cream and what’s better than a COLD sweet treat on a HOT, HOT day? They even have spoons—such sweet girls!

Is it hot where you live too and you can’t make it over to shop?

Shop our online store — it’s available 24/7.

Or our crew will be happy to Face-time you or send photos of what we have in the store. We love sending packages out with goodies from The Fish and shopping without leaving the comfort of your own home and A/C sounds magical.

The girls are here from 10A to 6P 7 days a week and will be happy to assist! 417-335-8236 I’m here too but I haven’t figured out how to answer the phone yet with Fins. It is certainly always fun at the Fish and I just get to look over everything from my perch and enjoy!

The girls had a FLOCK party last week and Linda was slinging some “Flocktails” that looked really yummy. Speaking of fun, the girls and I cannot wait to see you in the shop, talk to you on the phone, or see you on Facebook every week.

We simply adore our Fabulous Fish Friends! Take Care, Stay Cool!

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Bubbles Blog Lines from the Lake

Hello to the Crystal Fish Friends! If you know the Crystal Fish, then you must know of me. After all the store is kinda named after me LOL, I’m Bubbles and I think it’s about time that I let you know my side of the story—A Fish Tale, if you will, BTW I think I’m pretty funny.

My first blog post is dedicated to Miss Mary though. Let me tell you about Mary…

You knew her as Mary, Linda and Donna’s mom, she was Nanny to her granddaughter Amber, she was Nanster to Tim and Nanny to the rest of the team at TCFG. Her laughter, wit, fun and smile were unforgettable, her love for all things in the shop was apparent. She always thanked me for looking over things from my perch on the wall. But her love for all of you, our wonderful Fish Friends, was heartwarming, and those are memories we will keep forever in our hearts.

Mary had a sassy side, so I know where Linda gets it! Speaking of sassy…if you haven’t watched the Linda and Jenn Comedy Show on Fridays at 4 on Facebook be sure to tune in.

It’s a great time with a review of what “floated” in this week to the store, giveaways, and more! You don’t want to miss it!

Summer is here and the store is packed with so much goodness to please even the hardest FISH to buy for! Also as of May 14th, I have my own area in the store! Bubbles Bath and Body Boutique is now open! Not only do we have soaps & lotions galore, but we also have these new mist hand sanitizers that are FINTASTIC! Linda has also brought in Scent Chips, the original wax melts, which not only make the store smell lovely, but you can create your own box and customize the scent! I already made my own flavor:

  • MIMOSA (because BUBBLES)
  • PINK SUGAR (because I’m Sweet)
  • CHERRY (because Linda and Tim brought me to Life)

Come by and let the girls at TCFG help you create a scent for YOUR Own Custom Blend!!!

I’m hoping as summer is here, I will see more of you in the store! Please say Hi and I’ll shake my fin at you! Thank you for reading my new BLOG and come back soon for more Lines from the Lake!



Our Mary 

Mary Magdalene McLaughlin Lonchar

Mary Magdalene McLaughlin Lonchar, 88, of Branson, Missouri, died May 25, 2022. She was born Dec. 19, 1933, to Irene Borgetti and John Cudora McLaughlin in Danville, Pennsylvania.

Mary spent most of her life working in the retail industry. She was a buyer for Ramsey’s Department Stores in Joplin, Missouri and Pittsburg, Kansas, and a manager or consultant for several shops in Branson, including The Pottery Shop and The Crystal Fish.

Mary loved to travel and visited 49 states, Canada, Mexico, several Caribbean islands, England and Italy. Her favorite fictional character was Mickey Mouse and she went to Disneyland and Disney World several times to visit him. She enjoyed swimming, boating, ice skating and bowling. She was a talented seamstress and needleworker.

Mary grew up in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. She attended Catholic schools and graduated from St. Edward High School. She treasured her lifelong friendships from school and was the main organizer of the Class of 1951’s anniversary reunions. She formed enduring friendships through her jobs, volunteering as a Girl Scout leader, and while visiting family and friends in California, Pennsylvania and Canada.

She is survived by her daughters: Donna Lonchar of Fayetteville, Arkansas; Linda Lonchar Cherry and husband, Tim, of Branson; and her granddaughter, Amber Lonchar Cherry of Branson.