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Fall is Coming!

Hello, my friends!  It’s already mid-August and the kids are headed back to school.  This means Fall is just around the corner! Speaking of Fall, the UPS guy, and our local artists are bringing in plenty of Fall goodies for us!  BUT from my perch on the wall, I am not sure where Linda thinks the girls are going to put it all.  Jenn finally came back from her 900-plus day vacation so I may have smacked her with my fins!  Linda did great at slashing prices, and I am talking DEEP, DEEP discounts (like the bottom of TRL) so maybe we can get out all the summer and start getting out the Fall Pumpkins, blankets, towels, and more!!!    Ok before the ladies GO LIVE at 4 PM I will let you know they did get a few items out—BUT there is so much more so PLEASE come buy this other stuff, so the girls don’t move me out in the hopes of finding more space.   Comment on the FB post under where Jenn links to the blog and tell me what your favorite thing about Fall is!   I’ll “swim” ya later my Fabulous Fish Friends.