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Bubbles ‘Twas the Nights Before Christmas

‘Twas the nights before Christmas
And all through the store
Not a creature was stirring;
The animal hijinks were no more.

Merchandise was dwindling
Going out the door front.
Happy customers exclaiming it was
The end of the hunt!

Each evening your Fish Friends are nestled
All snug in their beds.
While visions of gifts
ran through their heads.

With just a few days till Christmas
And presents all wrapped
I had just settled my fins down
For a sweet little nap.

When out on the sales floor
There arose such a clatter,
I looked down from my perch
To see what was the matter.

Over by a lake map,
There stood a young man
In a Branson ball cap.

He said in a panic (for his delay he felt bad).
“Please tell me I can get one of these for my dear Dad!”
Then he stumbled and fumbled, he was so ill at ease,
He then whipped out a list and started his pleas.

“Something for Grandma,
my Mom, and my Sis.”
“A little something for my brother
who I usually miss.”

Linda and Jenn knew our team could assist
and started to call out their names one by one
“Now Kim! Now Michelle!
Now Lauren and Kenzie!
On Rosemary!! On Rachel!!
Let’s get busy!

To the top of the displays, from the front to the back
Let’s do this and fill up all his sacks
With beautiful treasures and one of a kinds.
This young man had the perfect gifts in mind.

The girls wrapped each of his gifts with care
and gave him a fun experience to share.
The man was off with his gifts,and walked away with a smile
He thanked the girls for their wondrous Elf style.

“Best experience ever—I shall not forget
my Fish friends, I really must jet.”
He tipped his cap to the crew and me on the wall
He smiled once more.and said with a drawl,
“Merry, Merry Christmas to Y’all!”